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8 Simple Tips to Prevent Hair Damage from Hard Water.

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Do you go through a bad hair day after washing your hair? Does it get difficult to comb later? And does it sadly cause a lot of hair loss and damage? Then no hair conditioner and any other products can save your hair loss as the core problem lies in the poor quality of your tap water. Here we will share some tips and tricks on how to wash and prevent your hair loss from hard water.

Hard water is quite common in various regions of the world and is one of the problem which urban population faces. Surprisingly, an overall 85 percent of the USA has hard water. As per report, in India, only mountain regions and northern regions have soft water but still those areas may also face the problem of hard water. Before knowing the ways to prevent hair from hard water, first we have to what actually hard water is.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water having high mineral content which largely consists of calcium, magnesium, carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. In India, hard water is the prime reason for extreme hair loss and hair damage. Hard water leaves the hair dry, frizzy and coarse and ultimately leads to dandruff and hair fall. Sadly, many people are unaware of the effects of hard water on hair and skin. Neglecting the issue can lead to more hair loss and damage.

Fortunately, there are some ways which can easily fix the problem of hair loss due to hard water. Be connected as we are going to discuss about how to prevent hair loss from hard water.

How Hard Water Cause Hair Fall and Damage?

Hard water contains un-dissolved minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium, and also, super salty water in some areas can be regarded as hard water. The water we receive after rain is natural and colorless but when it reaches earth, minerals from soil get mixed up with it making the water muddy and salty. These minerals in the hard water block the pores in your scalp and thereby, making it difficult to absorb the moisturizer you put in. As a result, your hair tangle and become susceptible to breakage. Points to ponder on how hard water effects hair:-

If you are looking your ways to save your hair from hard water then here are some fruitful techniques to protect your hair from hard water.

Read on.

How to Prevent Your Hair from Hard Water?

1. Water Softener

Soft water contains a very low concentration of ions as compared to that of hard water. Soft water is much healthier option for your skin and hair. Water softener can really solve your hard water problems by installing it in your bathroom but they are a bit expensive.

However, there is an alternative affordable way to solve the issue and that is to install a water softener shower head. These shower heads have certain cartridges which are full with carbon and remove the ions of calcium and magnesium. This method will surely rescue your hair from hard water.

2. Drinking Water or Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Rinsing your hair with drinking water or bottled mineral water is an intelligent way to prevent your hair from hard water damage. Though plastic water bottles are not expensive but buying a lot of it and pilling it up is not eco-friendly as we know that plastic bottles take over 400years to biodegrade. However, if you are visiting a hard water region for a couple of days then it can save you from the hassle of getting soft or plain water.

Otherwise, it is better recommended to use filter jug water and in this way plastic waste can be avoided. Most of us have water purifier at our home which filters out the drinking water. So, that filtered drinking water can be used to wash your hair.

After all, taking so much pain is worth for long term health and benefits of your hair.

3. Installing Shower Filter

Shower Filter

Installing a shower filter can benefit the hair for a longer period of time. Shower filter are simple to find and easy to install. Shower filters will filter out all un-dissolved minerals and chlorines present in water. This will help in reducing hair damage caused by hard water. These shower filters are a bit expensive but will definitely give you the value for money.

4. Aluminium Sulfate Method or Alum


It is the most ancient Indian home-made remedy of filtering out filthy hard water. It is the most inexpensive method of all. Aluminium Sulfate or Alum is also known as fitkari in the Indian Sub-continent. Fitkari or alum is easily available either in the solid form or powder form in your nearby grocery store. If you have solid fitkari then dip the bar in bucket full of tap water for 1-2 minutes and then rinse out the filtered water leaving the sediments behind. If powdered alum is available then one spoon is enough for 5 liters of water. this will definitely save your hair from hard water.

5. Using Clarifying Shampoo

Shampoo with Natural Ingredients

Natural clarifying shampoo is effective in getting rid of mineral build-ups like chlorine and salts. The useful ingredients in these shampoos are shikakai, reetha. These natural shampoos add volume to your hair with extra shine and smooth. Always choose shampoo with natural and safer ingredients over chemically loaded shampoos. It will not only clean your hair but will make your healthy and nourished. Use this type of clarifying shampoo once in a week or once in 10 days to reduce all unwanted minerals from your hair.

6. Lemon Rinse


We all know that, lemon juice is acidic in nature. Its acidic nature helps in removal of mineral build-up from your hair. To prepare the lemon rinse, use half a lemon and squeeze it in a mug of water. After shampooing, pour this lemon rinse to your hair and follow it with your conditioner. Then rinse it off after couple of minutes. Make sure that you use this lemon rinse after every 10-15 days. Lemon/lime rinse adds shine to hair and also helps in removing dandruff due to its antiseptic properties.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

This works greatly in removing mineral build-up from your hair. It is a good natural remedy to prevent hair from hard water. All you need to add is 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 2 cups of water. Pour this mix onto your hair after shampooing. Then wash it off after leaving it for couple of minutes. Apple cider vinegar is a good choice as it lowers the pH of your hair. It contains nourishing elements such as Vitamin B and Vitamin C. It also has antiseptic property leaving your dandruff free and enhances shining of your hair.

8. Deep Conditioning and Hair Mask

Hair Conditioner

It gets difficult for hair to absorb or lock in the moisture due to hard water. Therefore, it is very much essential to provide your hair with proper hair care moisturizing products. Make sure to always use a good conditioner after shampooing which have natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals. Always choose a conditioner with low pH. This will help in restoring moisture and softness in hair after every wash.

Also, don’t forget to massage your hair regularly with olive oil, almond oil, or coconut oil once in a week. It will definitely improve texture and retains in protective layer of your hair. Oiling of hair is very important for those who live in hard water areas. This will not remove the mineral build-ups but will certainly improve your hair.

End of the Line

If you ever have any problem, always try to identify the core of it. Here, hard water is the main reason for all hair problems. Minerals in hard water damage your hair leaving your hair frizzy and brittle. This leads to tangling of hair and ultimately hair fall. Using any of the above techniques, you can prevent your hair from hard water.

So now let’s say a big no to bad hair days.

Have you tried any of the above method to save your hair from hard water? If so, what was your outcome? Let us know in the comment section below.

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