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Best Diet Plan for Muscle Gain at Low Budget (2020).

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If you too are tired of searching the best diet plan for you or searching a low budget but effective diet plan without investing on costly supplements. Then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss about ”Best Diet Plan for Muscle Gain at Low Budget (2020).” Following this diet plan you can build and put on muscles without much hassle. In addition, some bonuses that you may find here are:

First of all we need to understand a little bit about nutrition and the wants of our body. Alike any engine, our body too needs enough fuel to run. Each one of our bodies have different requirements and we need to treat them accordingly to put on or lose mass and weight.

There are three kinds of body type:

One needs to differentiate himself/herself first according to their body shape and weight to decide any diet plan, and we are here to help you get there. Read on!

Best Diet Plan for Muscle Gain at Low Budget (2020).

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition may be simply defined as a process by which we utilise our nutrients, or simply we can say as the procedure to utilize our food for growth and development.

We can differentiate nutrients in two basic types:

Macronutrients can be classified into various subclasses:

Micronutrients can also be further classified as:

What is BMI or Body Mass Index?

BMI is derived from the values of weight and height of am individual. It can be simply defined as the body mass or body weight divided by the square of the body height and universally expressed in units of kg/m2.

You can easily calculate your BMI with this equation or you can simply click here.

How to Calculate Your Calorie Requirement According to Your Body Weight?

Every individual has a different calorie requirement according to their body type and body weight. It is recommended that an average person requires 44 kcal/kg of body weight to gain muscle.

For instance: Person A has a body weight of 65kgs. He needs to intake 44×65= 2860 kcal/day to put on muscle.

Rule of thumb to calculate macronutrients requirement as per Person A’s body demand:

As mentioned above, protein contributes 4cal/g, fats contributes 9cal/g and carbs contributes 4cal/g.

Protein= 130×4= 520 cal

Fats= 52×9=468 cal   

So, by a simple calculation we can determine that;   

So, the macronutrient requirement of Person A is

[Carbs= 468g/day, Fats= 52g/day and Protien= 130g/day]

List of low budget Food items along with their cost:

Muscle Gain Diet Plan:

*Please note that, the prices may vary from  region to region, this table is just for a brief idea and demonstration purpose taken on average.

You can make your own diet chart likewise according to your body demand, after calculation of your BMI and calorie requirement. 

You can also download this chart for your reference and your own calculation. To download the table click here.

Bottom Line:

Building a good physique is no more a dream now. You just need to know the right key for the right lock. With the help of the tools and charts you can calculate your body demands and act accordingly without taking any expensive supplements that are widely available in the market as we have come up here with the Best diet plan for muscle gain at low budget (2020) at home without supplement. Though you can hit the gym or you can do your workout at home too, but regular exercise along with proper diet is a must for body and muscle building.

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