Top 12 Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Herbs during COVID-19 for the Immune System

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s eyebrow has raised to its last limit. During the scarcity of adequate resources, people are bound to be choosy regarding what they eat to boost their immunity so that every one of us can fight back before it hit us hard enough. Every one of us has a question about – How to improve our immune system? What are the Immunity boosters? How to increase our Immunity? What are the ways to boost our immune system?

Isn’t it?  

Well, you are no way far from getting your immunity boosted as you have come to the right place. We have incredible suggestions on how to boost your immunity system in a very easy way.

How to Boost Our Immune System and How Does It Work?

The virus can affect us severely. And without being afraid we have to acquire immunity. But there are only a few options available to obtain enough immunity. 

One is that after infection, the body will produce antibodies to fight against the virus. And that is not a suitable way to generate immunity. So, following standard COVID protocols (i.e., wearing masks and maintaining social distance), we can lower the risk of getting infected.

Another one is by getting enough external nutrition that is by specific immunity boosters, may it be through natural sources or through specially designed compositions. This is the evergreen way to boost the immune system and to put your natural shields on along with your mask and others.

Top 12 Natural Immunity Booster during COVID-19    

We here have come up with the top 12 such products that will help you and your loved ones to get a mixture of naturally designed specific compositions that has no harmful side effects. 

Catering your body with certain edibles may help keep your immune system strong, proving itself an elixir in this situation. 

A Note to ponder:

No supplementary diet will guarantee a cure or prevent the disease.

As per WHO,

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s notably important to understand that no supplement, diet, or other lifestyle alternatives other than physical distancing or social distancing, and proper hygiene practices can protect us from COVID-19.

As per latest updates, no research supports the use of any supplement to protect against COVID-19 specifically. 

Immunity and Ayurveda

From time immemorial Ayurveda has provided our solution for any and every medico-problem with a huge efficacy and precise diagnosis. When the word Immunity comes to mind, deep down the heart, we find Ayurveda as the safest mode to rely upon.  

1. Ashwagandha

It is a miracle herb. It is also known as Indian Ginseng which helps in lowering the stress level and revitalizes our body.

How will it boost our immune system?

  • Ashwagandha has adaptogenic characteristics which means it can lower the stress level of the body.
  • Under any kind of stress attack, the immune response gets lower which then makes our body vulnerable to different bacterial or viral infections. Ashwagandha helps in keeping the stress at bay and prepare the body to be defensive against other pathogens.
  • It increases the production of white blood cells as our body’s army, resulting in fighting against infections.
  • Shreds of evidence show that the consumption of Ashwagandha with milk improves the level of lymphocytes in our bodies.

Recommended dosage:

5 grams of the plant root once daily, preferably at morning.

2. Chawanprash

The Chawanprash has a blend of different tastes of sweet, sour, pungent, and bitter which comes from its various main herbal ingredients like amla, sesame, honey, ghee.

What does it do in boosting the immune system?

  • The chawanprash is an Omni-climatic ayurvedic supplementary diet suitable for every climate change due to its punchy ingredients from respective climatic food.
  • The amla or Amlaki is rich or high Vitamin C level to fight against external infections.
  • Sesame contains a bundle source of plant protein and Vitamin B also having an anti-inflammatory character.
  • The honey has a high source of antioxidant which extracts out the unwanted residue from our body.
  • The ghee is a source of heart-healthy concentration of fats and mono-saturated Omega3s.

Recommended dosage

2 teaspoons early in the morning. 

3. Amla

It is an Indian gooseberry. It is termed as Amlaki in ayurveda. This herb is a powerhouse of nutrition.

What does it do?

  • It is the bioavailable source of Vitamin C rich with antioxidants that scoops out the bad residues of the products that we consume also known as free radicals.
  • It improves vision.
  • Shreds of evidence also show that Vitamin C helps to recover from a cold quicker. Although, there is no proper evidence of its efficacy against SARS Cov2 or Coronavirus.

Recommended dosage:

Soak 2-3 Amlaki in 200ml water overnight, drink that water after waking up, you may eat the Amlaki after your breakfast. 

4. Giloy Satva

Giloy Satva basically helps in treating all types of diseases. Its extract preparation takes place through cold water soaking (macerations).

How does Giloy help in immunity?

  • It has a miraculous healing capability against various diseases, especially used in traditional treatment procedures of chronic fever, jaundice, gastrointestinal or stomach problems, and many other infections.
  • This magic formula also works against gout and pyretic or stomach worm problems as it has an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic characteristic too.

Recommended dosage

½ teaspoon of Giloy churna with 1 teaspoon honey after lunch. 

5. Brahmi

Brahmi’s scientific name is Bacopa monniera Linn. It is a very effective herb and a staple plant commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine.

What does Brahmi do to boost our immune system?

  • It has memory-boosting properties as well as antioxidant properties. Thus, effectively building immunity.
  • It soothes the brain cells and removes the free radicals from our body also hereby preventing age-related brain cell degeneration. 

Recommended dosage:

1-2 teaspoon of plant extract twice daily. 

Here are some more immunity boosting herbs that are generally available in everyone’s vegetable basket.

6. Ginger

Ginger is a type of flowering plant and its roots are widely utilized as spices and folk medicines.

How will it increase immunity?

  • It is a remedy for fever as it can boost the immune system.
  • As the name suggests, Ginger contains an antioxidant – Gingerol that boosts up our immune system.
  • It is effective against respiratory tract infections as it may help to reduce inflammation and soothes a sore throat.
  • Ginger can lower the cholesterol level of the body.

Recommended dosage:

You may add it with your tea, meal or you may also have it raw while peeled.

7. Garlic

Garlic actually belongs to the family of onions. It has maximum usage in cooking and medicines.

How Garlic boosts body’s immune system?

  • Garlic has antiviral properties.
  • It also stimulates the immune response of our bodies.
  • Garlic contains allicin, which is a plant sulfur-containing compound having germicidal characteristics.
  • Garlic is a common ingredient in almost every cuisine all over the world.
  • Another very important property of garlic is its anti hardening capacity of arteries as it helps in blood-thinning resulting to prevent high blood pressure or hypertension.

Recommended dosage:

Take 2-3 peeled raw pulp of garlic or partially cooked with regular meal every day.

8. Turmeric

It is a flowering plant and is the basic key ingredient in almost every Indian curry. Turmeric has miraculous medicinal properties.

How Turmeric helps in boosting immunity?

  • Turmeric acts as a very good anti-inflammatory medicine in diseases like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • It also helps to relax exercise-induced muscle pain and muscle sprain if used topically.
  • The curcumin– a phytochemical, concentration in the turmeric has shown promising results as a great immunity booster.

Recommended dosage:

You may add an extra pinch of it with your daily meal or have one teaspoon of it with a glass of milk before going to bed.

9. Black Cumin

Black Cumin or Black Seed also scientifically known as Nigella sativa which is a small flowering shrub produces small fruits having black seeds.

What does it do?

  • It has shown promising results in the treatment of some of the most common diseases especially respiratory diseases like asthma.
  • As asthma patients are vulnerable to COVID-19, amla can be a good choice to boost the immune system.
  • The black seed has other healing properties for health issues like hypertension, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, and upset stomach.
  • The seed and its oil also acts as a very good antioxidant and boosts the immune system. It also has anti-skin cancer properties when applied topically.

Recommended dosage:

You may have 5-10 grams with your breakfast or as suitable for you.

10. Broccoli 

Broccoli is an edible green plant which belongs to the cabbage family.

What does it do?

  • Broccoli contains vitamins (such as Vitamin A, C, and E) and also contains various minerals.
  • As broccoli is a powerhouse of antioxidants and minerals, it not only provides your skin an extra glow but also helps in maintaining your skin immunity.
  • It has many additional benefits like eye care, anti-aging, bone care, and anti-allergic properties.

Recommended dosage:

To cook it partially and keep it as low cooked as possible as half cooked vegetables as it will prevent the denaturation of the nutrients.

11. Spinach 

It is a dark green leafy vegetable. It is an Asian herb and belongs to the goosefoot family.

How does it help in providing immunity?

  • Alike broccoli, spinach when semi-cooked, retains its magical properties that participate in our well-being.
  • Spinach is another powerhouse of Vitamin C and contains several other antioxidants and beta carotene which is famous for its anti-cancer properties and also helps to strengthen the immune system. 

Recommended dosage:

You can add it to your meal as the recipe allows.   

12. Papaya

Papaya is an orange-colored tropical fruit. Its sweet flesh and seeds are edible giving a pepper-like flavor.

How does Papaya help in boosting immunity?

Until now you must have figured out the focus we are providing on vitamin C.

  • Papaya contains loads of vitamin C. As a result which our body can fight with pathogens.
  • Papaya well known for its famous Papain enzyme which is extremely beneficial for digestion.
  • It also helps in reducing inflammation such as redness, swelling, and pain.
  • It has a proper amount of various nutrients such as folate, potassium, and magnesium.

Recommended dosage:

2-3 large slices after meal.

Please note that all the above-mentioned herbs and medications are suggested on the basis of general perceptions and based on social popularity of their use and efficacy. You are recommended to consult with a physician during these situations: • Breastfeeding. • Pregnancy. • Previously using medications or if having any other additional medical conditions.


All these top Immunity Booster Ayurvedic Herbs for the Immune Systems are easily available and are within your reach. Keep these immunity boosters in your kitchen and make use of those and keep your immunity boosted. As per now, no contraindications have been reported. These immunity boosters will keep the immune system at the best of its action.

Always maintain social distance during this COVID-19 phase. Consult a physician immediately or go for a COVID test if you feel any symptoms listed by the MHA and WHO. It is not recommended to depend upon any of the above-mentioned diets to cure COVID-19.

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