Removal of ICU Air-Conditioning prevents the Risk of COVID-19 transmission to Doctors – A Study Suggests.

In this global crisis of COVID-19, healthcare workers are immensely working hard. These corona warriors are trying their best to protect every individuals of the society. In India, 500 or more doctors died due to this pandemic of COVID-19. Also, scientists are opting for every chance using their research analytics so as to not lose any more doctor or nurse in COVID-19. In order to serve the condition, a research study came to light from the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru which is one of the best science universities of the country.

Major Highlights of the Study:

  • The study says, “The recirculation of the air by the centralized air-conditioning systems is what has led to the significant infection of our committed medical fraternity and has also led to deaths of doctors and nurses.”
  • The World Health Organisation said that reduction in the air recirculating system can readily reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the indoor spaces and also increasing the use of outdoor air can limit the spread of coronavirus.
  • The study says ICUs need to be redesigned. Without using air-conditioning, fans could be used. Fitting fans in the ICU that can force air inside and pulling out the infected air with exhaust fans. But before discharging the infected air outside, it needs to be treated with soap-based air filters or very hot water.
  • Earlier studies conveyed that hot climatic countries should not dry out their indoor rooms by air-conditioning or overcooling. Keeping the humidity levels of the indoor rooms between 40% to 60% will eventually limit the transmission of the infected air or virus.
  • “(COVID-19) patients in the ICU are active sources of the virus, and they are constantly expelling particles, So, if you are not filtering the air, it is making things worse,” said by the lead author of the study,  A.G. Ramakrishnan, to Reuters.
  • The study also said that ICUs where air-conditioning is compulsory must be de-linked from the air-conditioning of COVID-19 ICUs. And, exhaust fan must be installed to pull out the infected air for filtration.

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